Communications in Mathematical Physics

Communications in Mathematical Physics is published by Springer-Verlag. The portion made available in Project Euclid, volume 1 (1965) through volume 183 (1997), is provided through the publisher's generous support of the EMANI project. Electronic access to the current volumes (1997 to present) is available through SpringerLink with a paid subscription.

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Quantum field theory and the Jones polynomialEdward WittenVolume 121, Number 3 (1989)
Particle creation by black holesS. W. HawkingVolume 43, Number 3 (1975)
The four laws of black hole mechanicsJ. M. Bardeen, B. Carter, and S. W. HawkingVolume 31, Number 2 (1973)
Black holes in general relativityS. W. HawkingVolume 25, Number 2 (1972)
Topological quantum field theoryEdward WittenVolume 117, Number 3 (1988)
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