Cornell University Library Historical Math Monographs

The Cornell University Library Historical Math Monographs collection comprises selected monographs with expired copyrights chosen from the mathematics field. The majority of these monographs were physically brittle, decaying, and in need of rescue. They were digitally scanned, and facsimile editions were created on acid-free paper.

Between 1990 and 1992, Cornell University Library and Xerox Corporation, with the support of the Commission on Preservation and Access, collaborated on a pilot project to test advanced technology for scanning deteriorating books, optical storage, and production of high quality paper copies. The College Library Access and Storage System Project (CLASS) generated 600 dpi images and produced facsimiles on acid-free paper. The image files are archivally managed. A few individual titles have been added to the collection since 1992.

Almost all of the books are available as bound paperbacks and can be ordered directly from Amazon by clicking on the Amazon link, found on each book's Table of Contents page.

[This collection will eventually include approximately 570 books.]

  • ISSN: 2694-5118 (electronic)
  • Publisher: Cornell University Library
  • Discipline(s): Mathematics
  • Full text available in Euclid: 1811--1936
  • Access: All content is open
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