NSF-CBMS Regional Conference Series in Probability and Statistics

Group invariance in applications in statistics

Morris L. Easton

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Morris L. Easton

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Regional Conference Series in Probability and Statistics, Volume 1
Haywood CA and Alexandria VA: Institute of Mathematical Statistics and American Statistical Association, 1989
133 pp.

Publication date: 1989
First available in Project Euclid: 1 May 2016

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Morris L. Eaton, Group Invariance in Applications in Statistics (Haywood, CA: Institute of Mathematical Sciences; Alexandria VA: American Statistical Association, 1989)

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These lecture notes are a result of the NSF ICBMS Regional Conference held at the University of Michigan, 15-19 June 1987. Topics in invariance with applications in statistics were discussed in a series of eighteen 45 minute lectures. Because of space and time limitations no material beyond that given in the lectures is presented here. Unfortunately, my original intention of including material on the invariance-sufficiency connection and on amenability had to be scrapped.