Banach Journal of Mathematical Analysis

Topological games and strong quasi-continuity

Alireza Kamel Mirmostafaee

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Let $X$ be a Baire space, $Y$ be a $W$-space and $Z$ be a regular topological space. We will show that every $KC$-function $f:X \times Y\to Z$ is strongly quasi-continuous at each point of $X \times Y$. In particular, when $X$ is a Baire space and $Y$ is Corson compact, every $KC$-function $f$ from $X \times Y$ to a Moore space $Z$ is jointly continuous on a dense subset of $X \times Y$. We also give a few applications of our results on continuity of group actions.

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Banach J. Math. Anal. Volume 5, Number 2 (2011), 131-137.

First available in Project Euclid: 14 August 2011

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Primary: 54C30: Real-valued functions [See also 26-XX]
Secondary: 54C35: Function spaces [See also 46Exx, 58D15] 54C05: Continuous maps 46E15: Banach spaces of continuous, differentiable or analytic functions

quasi-continuous mapping strong quasi-continuity topological game


Mirmostafaee, Alireza Kamel. Topological games and strong quasi-continuity. Banach J. Math. Anal. 5 (2011), no. 2, 131--137. doi:10.15352/bjma/1313363009.

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