• Bernoulli
  • Volume 15, Number 2 (2009), 438-463.

Subsampling needlet coefficients on the sphere

P. Baldi, G. Kerkyacharian, D. Marinucci, and D. Picard

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In a recent paper, we analyzed the properties of a new kind of spherical wavelets (called needlets) for statistical inference procedures on spherical random fields; the investigation was mainly motivated by applications to cosmological data. In the present work, we exploit the asymptotic uncorrelation of random needlet coefficients at fixed angular distances to construct subsampling statistics evaluated on Voronoi cells on the sphere. We illustrate how such statistics can be used for isotropy tests and for bootstrap estimation of nuisance parameters, even when a single realization of the spherical random field is observed. The asymptotic theory is developed in detail in the high resolution sense.

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Bernoulli, Volume 15, Number 2 (2009), 438-463.

First available in Project Euclid: 4 May 2009

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random fields spherical wavelets subsampling Voronoi cells


Baldi, P.; Kerkyacharian, G.; Marinucci, D.; Picard, D. Subsampling needlet coefficients on the sphere. Bernoulli 15 (2009), no. 2, 438--463. doi:10.3150/08-BEJ164.

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