Founded in 2008, Analysis & PDE (APDE) aims to be the leading specialized scholarly publication in mathematical analysis. The full editorial board votes on all articles, accounting for the journal's exceptionally high standard and ensuring its broad profile.

APDE publishes 8 issues per year, for a total of about 2,050 pages. The number of quality papers accepted by APDE has grown, but an electronic subscription still costs about 11¢ per page.

Top downloads over the last seven days

A sparse domination principle for rough singular integralsJosé M. Conde-Alonso, Amalia Culiuc, Francesco Di Plinio, and Yumeng OuVolume 10, Number 5 (2017)
Localisation and compactness properties of the Navier–Stokes global regularity problemTerence TaoVolume 6, Number 1 (2013)
On the negative spectrum of the Robin Laplacian in corner domainsVincent Bruneau and Nicolas PopoffVolume 9, Number 5 (2016)
Local exponential stabilization for a class of Korteweg–de Vries equations by means of time-varying feedback lawsJean-Michel Coron, Ivonne Rivas, and Shengquan XiangVolume 10, Number 5 (2017)
On the growth of Sobolev norms for NLS on 2- and 3-dimensional manifoldsFabrice Planchon, Nikolay Tzvetkov, and Nicola ViscigliaVolume 10, Number 5 (2017)
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