The Annals of Probability

No triple point of planar Brownian motion is accessible

Krzysztof Burdzy and Wendelin Werner

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We show that the boundary of a connected component of the complement of a planar Brownian path on a fixed time interval contains almost surely no triple point of this Brownian path.

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Ann. Probab., Volume 24, Number 1 (1996), 125-147.

First available in Project Euclid: 15 January 2003

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Primary: 60J65: Brownian motion [See also 58J65]

Brownian motion triple points


Burdzy, Krzysztof; Werner, Wendelin. No triple point of planar Brownian motion is accessible. Ann. Probab. 24 (1996), no. 1, 125--147. doi:10.1214/aop/1042644710.

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