The Annals of Applied Probability

Multiscale diffusion processes with periodic coefficients and an application to solute transport in porous media

Rabi Bhattacharya

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Consider diffusions on $\mathbb{R}^k > 1$, governed by the Itô equation $dX(t) = {b(X(t)) + \beta(X(t)/a)} dt + \sigmadB(t)$, where $b, \beta$ are periodic with the same period and are divergence free, $\sigma$ is nonsingular and a is a large integer. Two distinct Gaussian phases occur as time progresses. The initial phase is exhibited over times $1 \ll t \ll a^{2/3}$. Under a geometric condition on the velocity field $\beta$, the final Gaussian phase occurs for times $t \gg a^2(\log a)^2$, and the dispersion grows quadratically with a . Under a complementary condition, the final phase shows up at times $t \gg a^4(\log a)^2$, or $t \gg a^2 \log a$ under additional conditions, with no unbounded growth in dispersion as a function of scale. Examples show the existence of non-Gaussian intermediate phases. These probabilisitic results are applied to analyze a multiscale Fokker-Planck equation governing solute transport in periodic porous media. In case $b, \beta$ are not divergence free, some insight is provided by the analysis of one-dimensional multiscale diffusions with periodic coefficients.

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Ann. Appl. Probab., Volume 9, Number 4 (1999), 951-1020.

First available in Project Euclid: 21 August 2002

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Primary: 60F60 60J05: Discrete-time Markov processes on general state spaces
Secondary: 60H10: Stochastic ordinary differential equations [See also 34F05] 60J70: Applications of Brownian motions and diffusion theory (population genetics, absorption problems, etc.) [See also 92Dxx]

Diffusion on a big torus speed of convergence to equilibrium initial and final Gaussian phases growth in dispersion


Bhattacharya, Rabi. Multiscale diffusion processes with periodic coefficients and an application to solute transport in porous media. Ann. Appl. Probab. 9 (1999), no. 4, 951--1020. doi:10.1214/aoap/1029962863.

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