Algebraic & Geometric Topology

The profinite completions of knot groups determine the Alexander polynomials

Jun Ueki

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We study several properties of the completed group ring ̂ [ [ t ̂ ] ] and the completed Alexander modules of knots. Then we prove that if the profinite completions of the groups of two knots J and K are isomorphic, then their Alexander polynomials Δ J ( t ) and Δ K ( t ) coincide.

Article information

Algebr. Geom. Topol., Volume 18, Number 5 (2018), 3013-3030.

Received: 24 September 2017
Revised: 21 February 2018
Accepted: 5 March 2018
First available in Project Euclid: 30 August 2018

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Primary: 57M27: Invariants of knots and 3-manifolds
Secondary: 20E18: Limits, profinite groups 20E26: Residual properties and generalizations; residually finite groups 57M12: Special coverings, e.g. branched

profinite completion profinite group ring knot branched covering


Ueki, Jun. The profinite completions of knot groups determine the Alexander polynomials. Algebr. Geom. Topol. 18 (2018), no. 5, 3013--3030. doi:10.2140/agt.2018.18.3013.

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