Advances in Applied Probability

Advances in Applied Probability, published by the Applied Probability Trust, contains reviews and expository papers in applied probability, as well as mathematical and scientific papers of interest to probabilists, letters to the editor and a section devoted to stochastic geometry and statistical applications.

In 2016, Advances in Applied Probability moved to an alternate publishing platform. Journal issues published from 2011 through 2016 will remain in Project Euclid. Please visit the Applied Probability Trust website for access and subscription information.

Top downloads over the last seven days

Moments and central limit theorems for some multivariate Poisson functionalsGünter Last, Mathew D. Penrose, Matthias Schulte, and Christoph ThäleVolume 46, Number 2 (2014)
Variance optimal stopping for geometric Lévy processesKamille Sofie Tågholt Gad and Jesper Lund PedersenVolume 47, Number 1 (2015)
Living on the multidimensional edge: seeking hidden risks using regular variationBikramjit Das, Abhimanyu Mitra, and Sidney ResnickVolume 45, Number 1 (2013)
A generalized telegraph process with velocity driven by random trialsIrene Crimaldi, Antonio Di Crescenzo, Antonella Iuliano, and Barbara MartinucciVolume 45, Number 4 (2013)
Approximation properties of random polytopes associated with Poisson hyperplane processesDaniel Hug and Rolf SchneiderVolume 46, Number 4 (2014)
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  • Discipline(s): Statistics and Probability
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