The Annals of Probability

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The Total Variation Distance Between the Binomial and Poisson DistributionsJ. E. Kennedy and M. P. QuineVolume 17, Number 1 (1989)
The Brownian netRongfeng Sun and Jan M. SwartVolume 36, Number 3 (2008)
Random walk in Markovian environmentDmitry Dolgopyat, Gerhard Keller, and Carlangelo LiveraniVolume 36, Number 5 (2008)
The two-parameter Poisson-Dirichlet distribution derived from a stable subordinatorJim Pitman and Marc YorVolume 25, Number 2 (1997)
The Brownian web: Characterization and convergenceL. R. G. Fontes, M. Isopi, C. M. Newman, and K. RavishankarVolume 32, Number 4 (2004)
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