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Société Pan Africaine de Statistiques

Also known as the Statistics and Probability African Society, the SPAS is headquartered in Saint-Louis, Senegal and draws its members from across Africa and the diaspora. Afrika Statistika is the society's official journal and publishes applied and theoretical work on probability, statistics, operational research, econometrics and related topics. The journal launched in 2005, and every issue is hosted on Project Euclid and available to libraries through the Euclid Prime collection.

New articles

Spatio-temporal assimilation of modelled catchment loads with monitoring data in the Great Barrier ReefDaniel W. Gladish, Stephen E. Lewis, Zoë T. Bainbridge, Jon E. Brodie, Petra M. Kuhnert, Daniel E. Pagendam, Christopher K. Wikle, Rebecca Bartley, Ross D. Searle, Robin J. Ellis, Cameron Dougall, and Ryan D. R. TurnerThe Annals of Applied Statistics
Phase transition of the contact process on random regular graphsJean-Christophe Mourrat and Daniel ValesinElectronic Journal of Probability
A lower bound for $p_c$ in range-$R$ bond percolation in two and three dimensionsSpencer Frei and Edwin PerkinsElectronic Journal of Probability

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