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Moduli spaces of isoperiodic forms on Riemann surfacesCurtis T. McMullenVolume 163, Number 12 (2014)
An example of a nonclassical Schottky groupHiro-o YamamotoVolume 63, Number 1 (1991)
On train-track splitting sequencesHoward Masur, Lee Mosher, and Saul SchleimerVolume 161, Number 9 (2012)
Nonexistence of asymptotic GIT compactificationXiaowei Wang and Chenyang XuVolume 163, Number 12 (2014)
Quantization and the Hessian of Mabuchi energyJoel FineVolume 161, Number 14 (2012)
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Featured article

Symmetric differentials and the fundamental group

Yohan Brunebarbe, Bruno Klingler, and Burt TotaroVolume 162, Number 14

We show that any smooth complex projective variety whose fundamental group has a complex representation with infinite image must have a nonzero symmetric differential (a section of a symmetric power of the cotangent bundle). Along the way, we produce many symmetric differentials on the base of a variation of Hodge structures.