Differential and Integral Equations

Differential and Integral Equations will publish carefully selected research papers on mathematical aspects of differential and integral equations and on applications of the mathematical theory to issues arising in the sciences and in engineering. Papers submitted to this journal should be correct, new, and of interest to a substantial number of mathematicians working in these areas.

Top downloads over the last seven days

Blow-up and stability of a nonlocal diffusion-convection problem arising in Ohmic heating of foodsN. I. Kavallaris and D. E. TzanetisVolume 15, Number 3 (2002)
Critical Fujita absorption exponent for evolution $p$-Laplacian with inner absorption and boundary fluxChunhua Jin, Jingxue Yin, and Sining ZhengVolume 27, Number 7/8 (2014)
Ground state solutions for a semilinear problem with critical exponentAndrzej Szulkin, Tobias Weth, and Michel WillemVolume 22, Number 9/10 (2009)
Kato-Ponce inequalities on weighted and variable Lebesgue spacesDavid Cruz-Uribe and Virginia NaiboVolume 29, Number 9/10 (2016)
A general existence and uniqueness theory for implicit differential-algebraic equationsPatrick J. Rabier and Werner C. RheinboldtVolume 4, Number 3 (1991)
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