Tohoku Mathematical Journal

The Tohoku Mathematical Journal is published quarterly by the Mathematical Institute of Tohoku University. Founded by T. Hayashi, the journal was started in August 1911 as the first mathematical journal in Japan. From its inception, the journal was a truly international research publication, accepting qualified original articles on pure and applied mathematics.

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Top downloads over the last seven days

Entire solutions for a two-component competition system in a latticeJong-Shenq Guo and Chang-Hong WuVolume 62, Number 1 (2010)
Sur quelques points d'algèbre homologique, IAlexander GrothendieckVolume 9, Number 2 (1957)
The flow of weights on factors of type ${\rm III}$Alain Connes and Masamichi TakesakiVolume 29, Number 4 (1977)
The Dirichlet problem for harmonic maps between Damek-Ricci spacesKeisuke UenoVolume 49, Number 4 (1997)
On a fast diffusion equation with sourceJong-Shenq Guo and Yung-Jen L. GuoVolume 53, Number 4 (2001)
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  • Discipline(s): Mathematics
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