Revista Matemática Iberoamericana

Revista Matemática Iberoamericana publishes original research articles in all areas of Mathematics. Journal issues published after 2011 are not available in Euclid, but Euclid Prime subscribers may enjoy complimentary access to all prior content. Starting with Volume 28 (2012), Revista Matemática Iberoamericana is being printed and distributed by the European Mathematical Society Publishing House.

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Interpolated inequalities between exponential and Gaussian, Orlicz hypercontractivity and isoperimetryFranck Barthe , Patrick Cattiaux , and Cyril Roberto Volume 22, Number 3 (2006)
Hermite functions and uncertainty principles for the Fourier and the windowed Fourier transformsAline Bonami, Bruno Demange, and Philippe JamingVolume 19, Number 1 (2003)
Periodic Quasiregular Mappings of Finite OrderDavid Drasin and Swati SastryVolume 19, Number 3 (2003)
The fractional maximal operator and fractional integrals on variable $L^p$ spacesClaudia Capone , David SFO , and Alberto Fiorenza Volume 23, Number 3 (2007)
An analysis of quantum Fokker-Planck models: A Wigner function approachAnton Arnold, José L. López, Peter A. Markowich, and Juan SolerVolume 20, Number 3 (2004)
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  • Publisher: Real Sociedad Matemática Española
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