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Real Analysis Exchange publishes research, and survey and inroads articles in classical real variables and in several related areas.

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Locally Bounded FunctionsRoy A. Mimna and Roy A. MimnaVolume 23, Number 1 (1997)
Approximation of Carathéodory functions and multifunctionsE. KubrińskaVolume 30, Number 1 (2004)
A change of variables theorem for the Riemann integralD. N. Sarkhel and Rudolf VýbornýVolume 22, Number 1 (1996)
On Sums and Products of Periodic FunctionsA. R. Mirotin and E. A. MirotinVolume 34, Number 2 (2008)
Applications of the Baire Category TheoremSara Hawtrey JonesVolume 23, Number 2 (1999)
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