Proceedings of the Centre for Mathematics and its Applications

The Mathematical Sciences Institute (formerly the School of Mathematical Sciences) was established in 1989 with the aim of unifying the study of mathematics across The Australian National University. MSI publishes conference and symposia proceedings as well as monographs in the Proceedings of the Centre for Mathematics and Its Applications (formerly the Proceedings of the Centre for Mathematical Analysis).

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Minimal surface description of crystal structuresS.T. Hyde and Sten AnderssonMiniconference on Geometry and Partial Differential Equations (1986)
Moving boundary problems with nonlinear diffusionPhilip BroadbridgeMini-Conference on Free and Moving Boundary and Diffusion Problems (1992)
Practical solution of some forward and inverse problems in hydrologyA. J. Jakeman, C. R. Dietrich, F. Ghassemi, I. G. Littlewood, and P. G. WhiteheadMini Conference on Inverse Problems in Partial Differential Equations (1992)
Finite element method for numerically solving PDE'sStephen RobertsInstructional Workshop on Analysis and Geometry, Part 1 (1996)
Operator theory and harmonic analysisDavid Albrecht, Xuan Duong, and Alan McIntoshInstructional Workshop on Analysis and Geometry, Part 3 (1996)
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