The Michigan Mathematical Journal

The Michigan Mathematical Journal is published by the Department of Mathematics at The University of Michigan and endeavors to publish significant research articles in all areas of mathematics.

Top downloads over the last seven days

The fundamental equations of a submersion.Barrett O'NeillVolume 13, Issue 4 (1966)
The Mathematics of Donald Gordon HigmanEiichi Bannai, Jr., Robert L. Griess, Cheryl E. Praeger, and Leonard ScottVolume 58, Issue 1 (2009)
On close-to-convex univalent functions.Maxwell O. ReadeVolume 3, Issue 1 (1955)
Bounded continuous functions on a locally compact space.R. Creighton BuckVolume 5, Issue 2 (1958)
Homology theory for locally compact spaces.A. Borel and J. C. MooreVolume 7, Issue 2 (1960)
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