The Michigan Mathematical Journal

The Michigan Mathematical Journal is published by the Department of Mathematics at The University of Michigan and endeavors to publish significant research articles in all areas of mathematics.

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On a theorem of Lefschetz.Raoul BottVolume 6, Issue 3 (1959)
Products of self-adjoint operators.Heydar Radjavi and James P. WilliamsVolume 16, Issue 2 (1969)
On matrices of trace zeros.A. A. Albert and Benjamin MuckenhouptVolume 4, Issue 1 (1957)
The volume of a small geodesic ball of a Riemannian manifold.Alfred GrayVolume 20, Issue 4 (1974)
Strong laws of large numbers for weakly correlated random variables.Russell LyonsVolume 35, Issue 3 (1988)
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