Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan

The Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan publishes original research articles of the highest scientific level in all fields of mathematics. It has been the official journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan since 1948. The journal is open to contributions from mathematicians worldwide.

Top downloads over the last seven days

Semi-linear second-order elliptic equations in $L^{1}$Haim BREZIS and Walter A. STRAUSSVolume 25, Number 4 (1973)
Traces on group extensions and $C^{*}$ -crossed productsTsuyoshi KAJIWARAVolume 38, Number 4 (1986)
Ordered idempotent semigroupsToru SAITOVolume 14, Number 2 (1962)
Some examples of topological groupsHideki OMORIVolume 18, Number 2 (1966)
A classification of $Q$ -curves with complex multiplicationTetsuo NAKAMURAVolume 56, Number 2 (2004)
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