Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Beginning in 2010, the Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics will be published by Springer, and current issues will no longer be available in Euclid. Euclid Prime subscribers may enjoy complimentary access to pre-2010 archival content.

For information, please see the Springer JJIAM Web page.

Top downloads over the last seven days

Theory of an interval algebra and its application to numerical analysis [Reprint of Res. Assoc. Appl. Geom. Mem. 2 (1958), 29–46]Teruo SunagaVolume 26, Number 2-3 (2009)
Applications of Operator-Splitting Methods to the Direct Numerical Simulation of Particulate and Free-Surface Flows and to the Numerical Solution of the Two-Dimensional Elliptic Monge--Ampère EquationR. Glowinski, E.J. Dean, G. Guidoboni, L.H. Juárez, and T.-W. PanVolume 25, Number 1 (2008)
Minimization of the Principal Eigenvalue for an Elliptic Boundary Value Problem with Indefinite Weight, and Applications to Population DynamicsYuan Lou and Eiji YanagidaVolume 23, Number 3 (2006)
Optimal Control Problems for the Two Dimensional Rayleigh--Bénard Type Convection by a Gradient MethodHyung-Chun LeeVolume 26, Number 1 (2009)
On Testing Hypothesis of Fuzzy Sample MeanBerlin Wu and Shu-Kwang ChangVolume 24, Number 2 (2007)
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