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The Illinois Journal of Mathematics was founded in 1957 by R. Baer, J.L. Doob, A. Taub, G. Whitehead, and O. Zariski. The inaugural volume featured papers of many of the world's leading figures in the key areas of mathematics at the time. Since its inception, the IJM has published many influential papers, most notably the proof of the Four Color Conjecture by K. Appel and W. Haken. Distinguished researchers such as J. Bourgain, A. Calderon, S.S. Chern, H. Kesten, and K. Uhlenbeck have served as Editors of the IJM.

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Top downloads over the last seven days

Approximate formulas for some functions of prime numbersJ. Barkley Rosser and Lowell SchoenfeldVolume 6, Issue 1 (1962)
Every planar map is four colorable. Part I: DischargingK. Appel and W. HakenVolume 21, Issue 3 (1977)
Wolfgang Haken: A biographical sketchIlya KapovichVolume 60, Number 1 (2016)
Quasi-hereditary algebrasVlastimil Dlab and Claus Michael RingelVolume 33, Issue 2 (1989)
On the exact number of primes less than a given limitD. H. LehmerVolume 3, Issue 3 (1959)
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