Hiroshima Mathematical Journal

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On claw-decomposition of complete graphs and complete bigraphsSumiyasu Yamamoto, Hideto Ikeda, Shinsei Shige-eda, Kazuhiko Ushio, and Noboru HamadaVolume 5, Number 1 (1975)
A local Crank-Nicolson method for solving the heat equationAbdurishit Abuduwali, Michio Sakakihara, and Hiroshi NikiVolume 24, Number 1 (1994)
Stochastic differential equations with reflecting boundary condition in convex regionsHiroshi TanakaVolume 9, Number 1 (1979)
Scalar curvatures of left-invariant metrics on some Lie groupsKagumi UesuVolume 10, Number 2 (1980)
Existence and analyticity of solutions to the drift-diffusion equation with critical dissipationMasakazu Yamamoto, Keiichi Kato, and Yuusuke SugiyamaVolume 44, Number 3 (2014)
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