Homology, Homotopy and Applications

Homology, Homotopy and Applications (HHA) is a fully refereed international journal dealing with homology and homotopy in algebra and topology and their applications to the mathematical sciences.

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Computing homologyTomasz KaczynskiI, Konstantin Mischaikow, and Marian MrozekVolume 5, Number 2 (2003)
p-local finite group cohomologyRan Levi and Kári RagnarssonVolume 13, Number 1 (2011)
What does the classifying space of a category classify?Michael WeissVolume 7, Number 1 (2005)
Homology fibrations and "group-completion" revisitedWolfgang Pitsch and Jérôme SchererVolume 6, Number 1 (2004)
Model structures on modules over Ding-Chen ringsJames GillespieVolume 12, Number 1 (2010)
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