Communications in Mathematical Sciences

Communications in Mathematical Sciences publishes high quality original research articles, review and expository papers, and fast communications on mathematical modelings, applied and stochastic analyses and numerical computations on problems that arise in physical, biological, engineering and financial applications.

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Gauge Method for Viscous Incompressible FlowsWeinan E and Jian-Guo LiuVolume 1, Number 2 (2003)
A time domain algorithm for blind separation of convolutive sound mixtures and L1 constrainted minimization of cross correlationsJie Liu, Jack Xin, Yingyong Qi and Fan-Gang ZhengVolume 7, Number 1 (2009)
REVIEW ARTICLE: Level Set Methods and Their Applications in Image ScienceRichard Tsai and Stanley OsherVolume 1, Number 4 (2003)
A stochastic multicloud model for tropical convectionBoualem Khouider, Joseph Biello and Andrew J. MajdaVolume 8, Number 1 (2010)
Modelling and optimization of supply chains on complex networksS. Göttlich, M. Herty and A. KlarVolume 4, Number 2 (2006)
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