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Communications in Mathematical Sciences publishes high quality original research articles, review and expository papers, and fast communications on mathematical modelings, applied and stochastic analyses and numerical computations on problems that arise in physical, biological, engineering and financial applications.

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A Second-Order Well-Balanced Positivity Preserving Central-Upwind Scheme for the Saint-Venant SystemAlexander Kurganov and Guergana PetrovaVolume 5, Issue 1 (2007)
Axial Symmetry and Classification of Stationary Solutions of Doi-Onsager Equation on the Sphere with Maier-Saupe PotentialHailiang Liu, Hui Zhang, and Pingwen ZhangVolume 3, Number 2 (2005)
Equation-Free, Coarse-Grained Multiscale Computation: Enabling Mocroscopic Simulators to Perform System-Level AnalysisIoannis G. Kevrekidis, C. William Gear, James M. Hyman, Panagiotis G Kevrekidid, Olof Runborg, and Constantinos TheodoropoulosVolume 1, Number 4 (2003)
An efficient modulo $P$ multiplication algorithm with moderate factors of P$+1 and $P$-1Ren-Junn Hwang, Feng-Fu Su, and Sheng-Hua ShiauVolume 5, Issue 2 (2007)
A Modeling of Compressible Droplets in a FluidLaurent Boudin, Laurent Desvilletter, and Renaud MotteVolume 1, Number 4 (2003)
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