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Manuscripts in all the following areas will be considered for publication: Information and Coding theory, Cryptology, Decision and Estimation, Control Theory, Mathematical System Theory, Signal and Image Processing, Communication theory, Image Database, Data mining, Probabilistic Reasoning, Learning Theory, Speech Recognition, Computer Vision, Discrete Event System, etc.

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Top downloads over the last seven days

Hurst parameter estimation for epleptic seizure detectionIvan Osorio and Mark G. FreiVolume 7, Number 2 (2007)
Large population stochastic dynamic games: closed-loop McKean-Vlasov systems and the Nash certainty equivalence principleMinyi Huang, Roland P. Malhamé, and Peter E. CainesVolume 6, Number 3 (2006)
Multiperspective Modeling and Rendering Using General Linear CamerasJingyi Yu, Yuanyuan Ding, and Leonard McmillanVolume 7, Number 4 (2007)
A maximum principle for stochastic optimal control with terminal state constraints, and its applicationsShaolin Ji and Xun Yu ZhouVolume 6, Number 4 (2006)
Common Pitfalls Using the Normalized Compression Distance: What to Watch Out for in a CompressorManuel Cebrián, Manuel Alfonseca, and Alfonso OrtegaVolume 5, Number 4 (2005)
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