Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics

The Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics is an official publication of the Brazilian Statistical Association and is supported by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS). Starting in 2012, it will be published four times a year, in February, May, August, and December. The Journal publishes papers in applied probability, applied statistics, computational statistics, mathematical statistics, probability theory and stochastic processes.

Top downloads over the last seven days

The exponentiated Kumaraswamy distribution and its log-transformArtur J. Lemonte, Wagner Barreto-Souza, and Gauss M. CordeiroVolume 27, Number 1 (2013)
Parameter estimations for the sub-fractional Brownian motion with drift at discrete observationNenghui Kuang and Bingquan LiuVolume 29, Number 4 (2015)
Bayesian statistics with a smile: A resampling–sampling perspectiveHedibert F. Lopes, Nicholas G. Polson, and Carlos M. CarvalhoVolume 26, Number 4 (2012)
Combination of regression and ratio estimate in presence of nonresponseHousila P. Singh and Sunil KumarVolume 25, Number 2 (2011)
Bayesian analysis of a correlated binomial modelCarlos A. R. Diniz, Marcelo H. Tutia, and Jose G. LeiteVolume 24, Number 1 (2010)
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  • Publisher: Brazilian Statistical Association
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