Bernoulli is published by the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability and disseminated by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics on behalf of the Bernoulli Society. The journal provides a comprehensive account of important developments in the fields of statistics and probability, offering an international forum for both theoretical and applied work.

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An adaptive Metropolis algorithmHeikki Haario, Eero Saksman, and Johanna TamminenVolume 7, Number 2 (2001)
On multidimensional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes driven by a general Lévy processHiroki MasudaVolume 10, Number 1 (2004)
Two-sample smooth tests for the equality of distributionsWen-Xin Zhou, Chao Zheng, and Zhen ZhangVolume 23, Number 2 (2017)
Minimax or maxisets?Gérard Kerkyacharian and Dominique PicardVolume 8, Number 2 (2002)
Stochastic differential delay equations with Markovian switchingXuerong Mao, Alexander Matasov, and Aleksey B. PiunovskiyVolume 6, Number 1 (2000)
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