The Annals of Applied Probability

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Multidimensional Transform Inversion with Applications to the Transient M/G/1 QueueGagan L. Choudhury, David M. Lucantoni, and Ward WhittVolume 4, Number 3 (1994)
Weak convergence and optimal scaling of random walk Metropolis algorithmsG. O. Roberts, A. Gelman, and W. R. GilksVolume 7, Number 1 (1997)
Trailing the Dovetail Shuffle to its LairDave Bayer and Persi DiaconisVolume 2, Number 2 (1992)
Utility maximization in incomplete marketsYing Hu, Peter Imkeller, and Matthias MüllerVolume 15, Number 3 (2005)
Jigsaw percolation: What social networks can collaboratively solve a puzzle?Charles D. Brummitt, Shirshendu Chatterjee, Partha S. Dey, and David SivakoffVolume 25, Number 4 (2015)
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