Advances in Applied Probability

Advances in Applied Probability, published by the Applied Probability Trust, contains reviews and expository papers in applied probability, as well as mathematical and scientific papers of interest to probabilists, letters to the editor and a section devoted to stochastic geometry and statistical applications.

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Impulsive control for continuous-time Markov decision processesFrançois Dufour and Alexei B. PiunovskiyVolume 47, Number 1 (2015)
First passage percolation on random geometric graphs and an application to shortest-path treesC. Hirsch, D. Neuhäuser, C. Gloaguen, and V. SchmidtVolume 47, Number 2 (2015)
A two-sided Laplace inversion algorithm with computable error bounds and its applications in financial engineeringNing Cai, S. G. Kou, and Zongjian LiuVolume 46, Number 3 (2014)
Central limit theorem for germination-growth models in R<sup> d </sup> with non-Poisson locationsS. N. Chiu and M. P. QuineVolume 33, Number 4 (2001)
Statistical inference for max-stable processes by conditioning on extreme eventsSebastian Engelke, Alexander Malinowski, Marco Oesting, and Martin SchlatherVolume 46, Number 2 (2014)
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