Advances in Applied Probability

Advances in Applied Probability, published by the Applied Probability Trust, contains reviews and expository papers in applied probability, as well as mathematical and scientific papers of interest to probabilists, letters to the editor and a section devoted to stochastic geometry and statistical applications.

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Spectral theory for random closed sets and estimating the covariance via frequency spaceKarsten Koch, Joachim Ohser, and Katja SchladitzVolume 35, Number 3 (2003)
A dynamic contagion processAngelos Dassios and Hongbiao ZhaoVolume 43, Number 3 (2011)
Joint densities of first hitting times of a diffusion process through two time-dependent boundariesLaura Sacerdote, Ottavia Telve, and Cristina ZuccaVolume 46, Number 1 (2014)
The normalized graph cut and Cheeger constant: from discrete to continuousERY ARIAS-CASTRO, BRUNO PELLETIER, and PIERRE PUDLOVolume 44, Number 4 (2012)
The multiclass GI/PH/N queue in the Halfin-Whitt regimeA. A. Puhalskii and M. I. ReimanVolume 32, Number 2 (2000)
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