Abstract and Applied Analysis

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Solutions of the Difference Equation ${x}_{n+1}={x}_{n}{x}_{n-1}-1$Candace M. Kent, Witold Kosmala, Michael A. Radin, and Stevo Stević Volume 2010 (2010)
Policy Iteration for Continuous-Time Average Reward Markov Decision Processes in Polish SpacesQuanxin Zhu, Xinsong Yang, and Chuangxia Huang Volume 2009 (2009)
The effect of the graph topology on the existence of multipeak solutions for nonlinear Schrödinger equationsE. N. Dancer, K. Y. Lam, and S. YanVolume 3, Number 3-4 (1998)
Perturbation Theory for Abstract Volterra EquationsMarko Kostić Volume 2013 (2013)
Wavelet-Galerkin Quasilinearization Method for Nonlinear Boundary Value ProblemsUmer Saeed and Mujeeb ur Rehman Volume 2014 (2014)
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