Abstract and Applied Analysis

Abstract and Applied Analysis is devoted exclusively to the publication of high-quality research papers in the fields of abstract and applied analysis. Emphasis is placed on important developments in classical analysis, linear and nonlinear functional analysis, ordinary and partial differential equations, optimization theory, and control theory. Abstract and Applied Analysis supports the publication of original material involving the complete solution of significant problems in the above disciplines. Abstract and Applied Analysis also encourages the publication of timely and thorough survey articles on current trends in the theory and applications of analysis.

Top downloads over the last seven days

Solutions of the Difference Equation ${x}_{n+1}={x}_{n}{x}_{n-1}-1$Candace M. Kent, Witold Kosmala, Michael A. Radin, and Stevo Stević Volume 2010 (2010)
On the Difference Equation x n + 1 = x n x n − 2 − 1 Candace M. Kent, Witold Kosmala, and Stevo Stević Volume 2011 (2011)
A free boundary problem describing the saturated-unsaturated flow in a porous medium. Part II. Existence of the free boundary in the 3D caseGabriela MarinoschiVolume 2005, Number 8 (2005)
Focal decompositions for linear differential equations of the second orderL. Birbrair, M. Sobolevsky, and P. SobolevskiiVolume 2003, Number 14 (2003)
Jordan ${\ast}$ -Derivations on ${C}^{\ast}$ -Algebras and $J{C}^{\ast}$ -AlgebrasJong Su An, Jianlian Cui, and Choonkil Park Volume 2008 (2008)
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