Abstract and Applied Analysis

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Convergence theorems for generalized projections and maximal monotone operators in Banach spacesTakanori Ibaraki, Yasunori Kimura, and Wataru TakahashiVolume 2003, Number 10 (2003)
Characterizations of metric projections in Banach spaces and applicationsJean-Paul Penot and Robert RatsimahaloVolume 3, Number 1-2 (1998)
On Local $\alpha$ -Times Integrated $C$ -SemigroupsYuan-Chuan Li and Sen-Yen ShawVolume 2007 (2007)
On Nonsmooth Semi-Infinite Minimax Programming Problem with $(\mathrm{\Phi },\rho )$ -InvexityX. L. Liu, G. M. Lai, C. Q. Xu, and D. H. YuanVolume 2014 (2014)
Fixed Point Results for α-ψ-Contractive Mappings Including Almost Contractions and ApplicationsGonca Durmaz, Gülhan Mınak, and Ishak AltunVolume 2014, Special Issue (2014)
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