Abstract and Applied Analysis

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The Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions for a Class of Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equations with Infinite DelayAzizollah Babakhani, Dumitru Baleanu, and Ravi P. Agarwal Volume 2013, Special Issue (2013)
Generation theory for semigroups of holomorphic mappings in Banach spacesSimeon Reich and David ShoikhetVolume 1, Number 1 (1996)
A Massera-type criterion for almost periodic solutions of higher-order delay or advance abstract functional differential equationsNguyen Van Minh and Ha Binh MinhVolume 2004, Number 10 (2004)
Bertrand Curves of AW( $k$ )-Type in the Equiform Geometry of the Galilean SpaceSezai Kızıltuğ and Yusuf Yaylı Volume 2014 (2014)
Stability of coupled systemsFarid Ammar Khodja, Assia Benabdallah, and Djamel TeniouVolume 1, Number 3 (1996)
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