Nagoya Mathematical Journal

Algebro-geometric version of Nevanlinna's lemma on logarithmic derivative and applications

Katsutoshi Yamanoi

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In this paper we shall establish some generalization of Nevanlinna's Lemma on Logarithmic Derivative to the case of meromorphic maps from a finite analytic covering space over the $m$-dimensional complex affine space ${\mathbb C}^{m}$ to a smooth complex projective variety. Then we shall apply this to "the Second Main Theorem" in Nevanlinna theory in several complex variables.

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Nagoya Math. J. Volume 173 (2004), 23-63.

First available: 27 April 2005

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Primary: 32H30: Value distribution theory in higher dimensions {For function- theoretic properties, see 32A22}


Yamanoi, Katsutoshi. Algebro-geometric version of Nevanlinna's lemma on logarithmic derivative and applications. Nagoya Mathematical Journal 173 (2004), 23--63.

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