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Statistical Modeling: The Two Cultures (with comments and a rejoinder by the author)Leo BreimanVolume 16, Issue 3 (2001)
Extreme Value Analysis of Environmental Time Series: An Application to Trend Detection in Ground-Level OzoneRichard L. SmithVolume 4, Number 4 (1989)
R.A. Fisher and the making of maximum likelihood 1912-1922John AldrichVolume 12, Number 3 (1997)
Workshop on statistical approaches for the evaluation of complex computer modelsRichard A. Berk, Peter Bickel, Katherine Campbell, Robert Fovell, Sallie Keller-McNulty, Elizabeth Kelly, Rodman Linn, Byungkyu Park, Alan Perelson, Nagui Rouphail, Jerome Sacks and Frederic SchoenbergVolume 17, Issue 2 (2002)
Bootstrap Methods for Standard Errors, Confidence Intervals, and Other Measures of Statistical AccuracyB. Efron and R. TibshiraniVolume 1, Number 1 (1986)
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