Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic

Since 1960, the Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic has published original work in all areas of logic and the foundations of mathematics. With an interdisciplinary editorial board, the journal strikes a unique balance among historical, philosophical, and mathematical perspectives.

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Sommers' proof that something exists.George EnglebretsenVolume 16, Number 2 (1975)
Life, Art, and MysticismLuitzen Egbertus Jan BrouwerVolume 37, Number 3 (1996)
Natural deduction in normal modal logic.John HawthornVolume 31, Number 2 (1990)
Impossible Worlds: A Modest ApproachDaniel NolanVolume 38, Number 4 (1997)
Tense logic and time.Johan van BenthemVolume 25, Number 1 (1984)
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On Pseudo-Finite Dimensions

Ehud HrushovskiVolume 54, Number 3-4

We attempt to formulate issues around modularity and Zilber's trichotomy in a setting that intersects additive combinatorics. In particular, we update the open problems on quasi-finite structures from Cherlin and Hrushovski (2003).