Journal of Symbolic Logic

The Journal of Symbolic Logic publishes original scholarly work in symbolic logic. Founded in 1936, it has become the leading research journal in the field. The Journal aims to represent logic broadly, including its connections with mathematics and philosophy as well as newer aspects related to computer science and linguistics.

Beginning with the 2014 subscription year, electronic access to the full-text of current issues of the Journal of Symbolic Logic (JSL) is only available by electronic subscription through Cambridge University Press.

Top downloads over the last seven days

Groupoids, covers, and 3-uniqueness in stable theoriesJohn Goodrick and Alexei KolesnikovVolume 75, Issue 3 (2010)
On the failure of BD-ࡃ and BD, and an application to the anti-Specker propertyRobert S. LubarskyVolume 78, Issue 1 (2013)
Bounded modified realizabilityFernando Ferreira and Ana NunesVolume 71, Issue 1 (2006)
Stacking miceRonald Jensen, Ernest Schimmerling, Ralf Schindler, and John SteelVolume 74, Issue 1 (2009)
RT₂² does not imply WKL₀Jiayi LiuVolume 77, Issue 2 (2012)
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  • Discipline(s): Logic
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