Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan

The Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan publishes original research articles of the highest scientific level in all fields of mathematics. It has been the official journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan since 1948. The journal is open to contributions from mathematicians worldwide.

Top downloads over the last seven days

A new proof of the Baker-Campbell-Hausdorff formulaM. EICHLERVolume 20, Number 1-2 (1968)
Deux Théorèmes d'ArithmétiqueClaude CHEVALLEYVolume 3, Number 1 (1951)
Multiple Wiener IntegralKiyosi ITOVolume 3, Number 1 (1951)
On injective modules and flat modulesTakeshi ISHIKAWAVolume 17, Number 3 (1965)
Isomorphisms of Galois groupsKoji UCHIDAVolume 28, Number 4 (1976)
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  • Publisher: Mathematical Society of Japan
  • Discipline(s): Mathematics
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