Journal of Applied Mathematics

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Solution of an extraordinary differential equation by Adomian decomposition methodS. Saha Ray and R. K. BeraVolume 2004, Number 4 (2004)
Application of a New Membership Function in Nonlinear Fuzzy PID Controllers with Variable GainsXuda Zhang, Hong Bao, Jingli Du, and Congsi Wang Volume 2014 (2014)
An Efficient Biobjective Heuristic for Scheduling Workflows on Heterogeneous DVS-Enabled ProcessorsPengji Zhou and Wei Zheng Volume 2014, Special Issue (2013)
New Numerical Solution of von Karman Equation of Lengthwise RollingRudolf Pernis and Tibor Kvackaj Volume 2015 (2015)
Game Theory and Applications in EconomicsPu-yan Nie, Takashi Matsuhisa, X. Henry Wang, and Pei-ai Zhang Volume 2014, Special Issue (2013)
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