Journal of Applied Mathematics

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Global Sensitivity Analysis of Fuzzy Distribution Parameter on Failure Probability and Its Single-Loop EstimationLei Cheng, Zhenzhou Lu, and Luyi Li Volume 2014 (2014)
Dynamic Performance Optimization for Cloud Computing Using M/M/m Queueing SystemLizheng Guo, Tao Yan, Shuguang Zhao, and Changyuan Jiang Volume 2014 (2014)
Analytical Solution of the Hyperbolic Heat Conduction Equation for Moving Semi-Infinite Medium under the Effect of Time-Dependent Laser Heat SourceR. T. Al-Khairy and Z. M. AL-Ofey Volume 2009 (2009)
A Comparison between Fixed-Basis and Variable-Basis Schemes for Function Approximation and Functional OptimizationGiorgio Gnecco Volume 2012 (2012)
Formal Proof of a Machine Closed Theorem in CoqHai Wan, Anping He, Zhiyang You, and Xibin Zhao Volume 2014, Special Issue (2014)
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