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Limit Circle/Limit Point Criteria for Second-Order Superlinear Differential Equations with a Damping TermLihong Xing, Wei Song, Zhengqiang Zhang, and Qiyi XuVolume 2012 (2012)
Maximizing Banking Profit on a Random Time IntervalJ. Mukuddem-Petersen, M. A. Petersen, I. M. Schoeman, and B. A. TauVolume 2007 (2007)
Complexity of Products of Some Complete and Complete Bipartite GraphsS. N. DaoudVolume 2013 (2013)
Mixed problem with integral conditions for a certain class of hyperbolic equationsSaid Mesloub and Abdelfatah BouzianiVolume 1, Number 3 (2001)
On the flexural and extensional thermoelastic waves in orthotropic plates with two thermal relaxation timesK. L. Verma and Norio HasebeVolume 2004, Number 1 (2004)
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