Journal of Applied Mathematics

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A Fuzzy Nonlinear Programming Approach for Optimizing the Performance of a Four-Objective Fluctuation Smoothing Rule in a Wafer Fabrication FactoryHorng-Ren Tsai and Toly ChenVolume 2013, Special Issue (2013)
Optimality Condition and Wolfe Duality for Invex Interval-Valued Nonlinear Programming ProblemsJianke ZhangVolume 2013, Special Issue (2013)
Stationary Points—I: One-Dimensional p-Fuzzy Dynamical SystemsJoao de Deus M. Silva, Jefferson Leite, Rodney C. Bassanezi and Moiseis S. CecconelloVolume 2013, Special Issue (2013)
On the Cauchy Problem for the b-Family Equations with a Strong Dispersive TermXuefei Liu, Mingxuan Zhu and Zaihong JiangVolume 2011 (2011)
Generalizations of $\mathrm{𝒩}$ -Subalgebras in BCK/BCI-Algebras Based on Point $\mathrm{𝒩}$ -StructuresYoung Bae Jun, Kyoung Ja Lee and Min Su KangVolume 2012 (2012)
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