Electronic Journal of Statistics

The Electronic Journal of Statistics (EJS) publishes research articles and short notes in theoretical, computational and applied statistics. The journal is open access. Articles are refereed and are held to the same standard as articles in other IMS journals. Articles become publicly available shortly after they are accepted.

Electronic Journal of Statistics is sponsored by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and by the Bernoulli Society.

Top downloads over the last seven days

Dimension reduction in multivariate extreme value analysisEmilie Chautru Volume 9 (2015)
Rank-based multiple test procedures and simultaneous confidence intervalsFrank Konietschke, Ludwig A. Hothorn, and Edgar Brunner Volume 6 (2012)
Inference for the mean of large $p$ small $n$ data: A finite-sample high-dimensional generalization of Hotelling’s theoremPiercesare Secchi, Aymeric Stamm, and Simone Vantini Volume 7 (2013)
High-dimensional covariance estimation by minimizing ℓ<sub>1</sub>-penalized log-determinant divergencePradeep Ravikumar, Martin J. Wainwright, Garvesh Raskutti, and Bin Yu Volume 5 (2011)
On the asymptotic properties of the group lasso estimator for linear modelsYuval Nardi and Alessandro Rinaldo Volume 2 (2008)
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