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The Electronic Journal of Statistics (EJS) publishes research articles and short notes in theoretical, computational and applied statistics. The journal is open access. Articles are refereed and are held to the same standard as articles in other IMS journals. Articles become publicly available shortly after they are accepted.

Electronic Journal of Statistics is sponsored by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and by the Bernoulli Society.

Top downloads over the last seven days

Estimation of a discrete probability under constraint of $k$-monotonicityJade GiguelayVolume 11, Number 1 (2017)
Estimating structured high-dimensional covariance and precision matrices: Optimal rates and adaptive estimationT. Tony Cai, Zhao Ren, and Harrison H. ZhouVolume 10, Number 1 (2016)
Regularized k-means clustering of high-dimensional data and its asymptotic consistencyWei Sun, Junhui Wang, and Yixin Fang Volume 6 (2012)
Asymptotic properties of Lasso+mLS and Lasso+Ridge in sparse high-dimensional linear regressionHanzhong Liu and Bin Yu Volume 7 (2013)
An $\{\ell_{1},\ell_{2},\ell_{\infty}\}$-regularization approach to high-dimensional errors-in-variables modelsAlexandre Belloni, Mathieu Rosenbaum, and Alexandre B. TsybakovVolume 10, Number 2 (2016)
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