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Diffraction pour l'équation de la chaleurT. HargéVolume 73, Number 3 (1994)
Equivariant $K$ -theory of affine flag manifolds and affine Grothendieck polynomialsMasaki Kashiwara and Mark ShimozonoVolume 148, Number 3 (2009)
Global wellposedness of KdV in $H^{-1}({\mathbb T},{\mathbb R})$T. Kappeler and P. TopalovVolume 135, Number 2 (2006)
Localization for linearly edge reinforced random walksOmer Angel, Nicholas Crawford and Gady KozmaVolume 163, Number 5 (2014)
Quasisplit Hecke algebras and symmetric spacesGeorge Lusztig and David A. Vogan Jr.Volume 163, Number 5 (2014)
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Symmetric differentials and the fundamental group

Yohan Brunebarbe, Bruno Klingler and Burt TotaroVolume 162, Number 14

We show that any smooth complex projective variety whose fundamental group has a complex representation with infinite image must have a nonzero symmetric differential (a section of a symmetric power of the cotangent bundle). Along the way, we produce many symmetric differentials on the base of a variation of Hodge structures.