Bayesian Analysis is an electronic journal of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis. It seeks to publish a wide range of articles that demonstrate or discuss Bayesian methods in some theoretical or applied context. The journal welcomes submissions involving presentation of new computational and statistical methods; reviews, criticism, and discussion of existing approaches; historical perspectives; description of important scientific or policy application areas; case studies; and methods for experimental design, data collection, data sharing, or data mining.

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Cluster Analysis, Model Selection, and Prior Distributions on ModelsGeorge Casella, Elías Moreno, and F. Javier GirónVolume 9, Number 3 (2014)
Spatial Bayesian Variable Selection Models on Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Time-Series DataKuo-Jung Lee, Galin L. Jones, Brian S. Caffo, and Susan S. BassettVolume 9, Number 3 (2014)
Robust Bayesian Graphical Modeling Using Dirichlet $t$ -DistributionsMichael Finegold and Mathias DrtonVolume 9, Number 3 (2014)
Informative $g$ -Priors for Logistic RegressionTimothy E. Hanson, Adam J. Branscum, and Wesley O. JohnsonVolume 9, Number 3 (2014)
Toward Rational Social Decisions: A Review and Some ResultsJoseph B. Kadane and Steven N. MacEachernVolume 9, Number 3 (2014)
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