Bayesian Analysis is an electronic journal of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis. It seeks to publish a wide range of articles that demonstrate or discuss Bayesian methods in some theoretical or applied context. The journal welcomes submissions involving presentation of new computational and statistical methods; reviews, criticism, and discussion of existing approaches; historical perspectives; description of important scientific or policy application areas; case studies; and methods for experimental design, data collection, data sharing, or data mining.

Top downloads over the last seven days

On the Half-Cauchy Prior for a Global Scale ParameterNicholas G. Polson and James G. ScottVolume 7, Number 4 (2012)
Variational inference for Dirichlet process mixturesDavid M. Blei and Michael I. JordanVolume 1, Number 1 (2006)
Bayesian Nonparametric Inference – Why and HowPeter Müller and Riten MitraVolume 8, Number 2 (2013)
Bayesian Graphical Lasso Models and Efficient Posterior ComputationHao WangVolume 7, Number 4 (2012)
Bayesian estimation of intensity surfaces on the sphere via needlet shrinkage and selectionJames G. ScottVolume 6, Number 2 (2011)
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