Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics is a bimonthly publication of the International Press, publishing papers on all areas in which theoretical physics and mathematics interact with each other.

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Asymptotic black hole quasinormal frequenciesLubos Motl and Andrew NeitzkeVolume 7, Number 2 (2003)
Search for a holographic dual to $AdS_3\times S^3\times S^3\times S^1$Sergei Gukov, Emil Martinec, Gregory Moore, and Andrew StromingerVolume 9, Number 3 (2005)
Chiral Rings, Superpotentials and the Vacuum Structure of N = 1 Supersymmetric Gauge TheoriesAndreas Brandhuber, Harald Ita, Harald Nieder, Yaron Oz, and Christian RomelsbergerVolume 7, Number 2 (2003)
Topological Correlators in Landau-Ginzburg Models with BoundariesAnton Kapustin and Yi LiVolume 7, Number 4 (2003)
Gerbe-holonomy for surfaces with defect networksIngo Runkel and Rafal R. SuszekVolume 13, Number 4 (2009)
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