The Annals of Probability

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Entropy and the Central Limit TheoremAndrew R. BarronVolume 14, Number 1 (1986)
The Asymptotic Distribution of Trimmed SumsSandor Csorgo, Erich Haeusler and David M. MasonVolume 16, Number 2 (1988)
Finite Exchangeable SequencesP. Diaconis and D. FreedmanVolume 8, Number 4 (1980)
Strong Stationary Times Via a New Form of DualityPersi Diaconis and James Allen FillVolume 18, Number 4 (1990)
On multidimensional branching random walks in random environmentFrancis Comets and Serguei PopovVolume 35, Number 1 (2007)
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