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Customized training with an application to mass spectrometric imaging of cancer tissueScott Powers, Trevor Hastie, and Robert TibshiraniVolume 9, Number 4 (2015)
Measuring reproducibility of high-throughput experimentsQunhua Li, James B. Brown, Haiyan Huang, and Peter J. BickelVolume 5, Number 3 (2011)
BART: Bayesian additive regression treesHugh A. Chipman, Edward I. George, and Robert E. McCullochVolume 4, Number 1 (2010)
Bayesian inference and the parametric bootstrapBradley EfronVolume 6, Number 4 (2012)
Multiple hypothesis testing adjusted for latent variables, with an application to the AGEMAP gene expression dataYunting Sun, Nancy R. Zhang, and Art B. OwenVolume 6, Number 4 (2012)
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