The Annals of Applied Probability

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Trailing the Dovetail Shuffle to its LairDave Bayer and Persi DiaconisVolume 2, Number 2 (1992)
Recurrence relations for generalized hitting times for semi-Markov processesDmitrii S. SilvestrovVolume 6, Number 2 (1996)
Analysis of a nonreversible Markov chain samplerPersi Diaconis, Susan Holmes, and Radford M. NealVolume 10, Number 3 (2000)
Mafia: A theoretical study of players and coalitions in a partial information environmentMark Braverman, Omid Etesami, and Elchanan MosselVolume 18, Number 3 (2008)
What is the probability that a large random matrix has no real eigenvalues?Eugene Kanzieper, Mihail Poplavskyi, Carsten Timm, Roger Tribe, and Oleg ZaboronskiVolume 26, Number 5 (2016)
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