Advances in Applied Probability

Advances in Applied Probability, published by the Applied Probability Trust, contains reviews and expository papers in applied probability, as well as mathematical and scientific papers of interest to probabilists, letters to the editor and a section devoted to stochastic geometry and statistical applications.

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Bounds for the probability generating functional of a Gibbs point processKaspar Stucki and Dominic SchuhmacherVolume 46, Number 1 (2014)
On optimal terminal wealth problems with random trading times and drawdown constraintsUlrich Rieder and Marc WittlingerVolume 46, Number 1 (2014)
Stability of multi-dimensional birth-and-death processes with state-dependent 0-homogeneous jumpsMatthieu Jonckheere and Seva ShneerVolume 46, Number 1 (2014)
Optimal control of stochastic delay equations and time-advanced backward stochastic differential equationsBernt Øksendal, Agnès Sulem and Tusheng ZhangVolume 43, Number 2 (2011)
The Hausdorff dimension of a class of random self-similar fractal treesD. A. CroydonVolume 39, Number 3 (2007)
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