Abstract and Applied Analysis

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Solutions of the Difference Equation ${x}_{n+1}={x}_{n}{x}_{n-1}-1$Candace M. Kent, Witold Kosmala, Michael A. Radin, and Stevo Stević Volume 2010 (2010)
On the Difference Equation x n + 1 = x n x n − 2 − 1 Candace M. Kent, Witold Kosmala, and Stevo Stević Volume 2011 (2011)
Nonoscillatory Solutions for Higher-Order Neutral Dynamic Equations on Time ScalesTaixiang Sun, Hongjian Xi, Xiaofeng Peng, and Weiyong Yu Volume 2010 (2010)
Upper and Lower Solutions Method for a Class of Singular Fractional Boundary Value Problems with p-Laplacian OperatorJinhua Wang and Hongjun Xiang Volume 2010 (2010)
The Lie Group in Infinite DimensionV. Tryhuk, V. Chrastinová, and O. DlouhýVolume 2011, Number 1 (2011)
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